Hello everyone,


My name is Motaz, a Syrian physician. I stayed at this home during the summer of 2009. The thing that I will never forget is that I was new in town so Sarah took me a tour by her car to recognize the streets, the clinic where I had to work and the supermarkets around us, she offered me a ride to and from the clinic, esp. at the beginning of my stay. The house was clean, tidy, very well-furnished, comfortable and safe. I still remember my room, it was amazing, has a view on the backyard, an extremely comfortable big-sized bed, a TV with cable and high speed internet. There were washer and dryer. There was a housekeeper comes 2-3 times a week, and takes care of the whole house including my room. The kitchen was full-equipped and clean. I used to share the bathroom with Sarah, but it has been kept clean all the time, with everything you need was installed and ready to use. I had the chance to enjoy meeting with friendly tenants in such a nice warm atmosphere. 


I missed my friend Sarah, and I'm wholeheartedly looking forward to visiting her in the future and enjoying a nice walk at the beach with such a sweetheart lovely woman.

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