While traveling ahead of my family prior to our relocation to SoCal I found this sublet. I was alittle apprehensive about sharing a home with total strangers, but let me tell you, from the minute you walk throught that front door you are no stranger. Sarah makes you feel totally at home as if you've been a long lost relative. The accommodations are wonderful with full use of both kitchen and laundry. The other tenents are friendly, the house is always kept spotless, and the beds are far better than any hotel out there. Sarah is the perfect hostess, attending to all tenents needs or even to just lend an ear when you feel like sharing your days experience. Thank you Sarah, you've helped to make my transition to the west coast a very pleasurable experience. Not having to worry about my lodging while house hunting for the family proved to be a great success in no small part thanks to you.
Thanks again.

Brian Carroll

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HI Brian. How is your new home? How is your family adjusting to California?


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