I'm a recently graduated electrical engineer who relocated from Atlanta to accept a job in Orange County. I've been living at Sarah's home for over a year now. I had originally planned to only stay for a month or two, until I found an apartment, but I've been happy living here, and found no reason to leave. The residents here are always friendly and considerate, and the house is peaceful and quiet. Sarah has a great housekeeper who keeps the place looking perfect; I feel pretty spoiled living here. If you need housing in Orange County for just a few days, or a month or longer, Sarah’s home is a great option!

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To my wonderful, kind guests;
Because my site was recently accessed without my permission, and data was removed, I was advised by my website administrator/programmer to take certain steps to minimize the chance of a future occurrence. The site you've known as "Sandra's Place" will now be known as "Tiffany's Place."  I am writing to inform you of this change. This change may  be temporary- but for the time being he has replaced my name "Sandy" with my second name "Tiffany."
Many of you have left testimonials about your stay here. I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated this. Due to the name change, my administrator has removed all references to "Sandra's Place" or "Sandra" from the site, including my name on the testimonials. Please note, other than the website name change, no other changes to your testimonials, or, in fact, to any other aspect of my home as you have known it, has occurred. Again, thank you for your consideration and understanding. 

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